Monday, June 29, 2009

The past 6 months I have missed a nutshell

Our girls trip to the beach was a great time, with lots of fun and good memories.

We had a great girls weekend on the coast! Lots of fun together.

Elizabeth and her friend Maggie at their 6th grade graduation
Heather and Elizabeth at graduation

Rebekah's balloon crossing - the junior high has a rite of passage each year for the 8th graders, who walk across the street to the high school and then have an assembly with their new principal.

Rebekah with her friends

Summer fun!

Mom, this update is for you!

We have had a lot of fun so far this summer with cousins. We had Jade and Tavis for a couple of days, and then Hailey, Ashley and Lindsay for a couple of days. It has been really fun for my kids to have them here. Josh and Hailey
Rebekah, Michael, Elizabeth and Rachel

Rachel, Ashley and Rebekah having a great time at the pool

Ashley and Rachel waiting for their turn on the slide
Hailey and Elizabeth

Tavis at the park
Jade -this is one of the only times she was allowed to walk, my kids were constantly holding her!

Rebekah laid down next to Jade in her playpen and fell asleep. It was too cute to pass up taking a picture, especially after Jade was awake, and Rebekah was still there.

Rebekah, Jade and Tavis in the wading pool

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Uncle Adam is home!

We finally got to go to the airport to welcome Adam on Saturday night at midnight. It was crazy, he has several delays, so we were never quite sure when we would be going to the airport until he finally boarded the plane. We were on call from Friday night on! It was great to see him again! I am so appreciative of the wonderful example that you have set for all of your nieces and nephews, Adam. We love you!

The Adamson Clan (all but Paul)


We had a great vacation over Christmas break - I drove with the kids to stay with my parents in California for almost a week. One drawback to Paul working at UPS is that he doesn't get any time of over Christmas break. I was worried about the drive, but between books on tape and music, and lots of treats, we were fine. It was a very packed house, and we had a great time. I think at the peak, we had 32 people staying at my parent's house - it was wall to wall people! We went to the beach, I got to visit with my friend Melanie from high school (and we invaded her parents guesthouse for a couple of nights - thank you so much!) We got to go to the airport to welcome my brother Adam home from his mission! We went to Superior Dairy with Mark and Lilly and had two SOS's - super oversized sundaes - yummy! Most of the Adamson cousins together - the kids all sang "Called to Serve" on Sunday for their Uncle Adam - this was a practice.

Mark, Lilly and Rebekah and the monster sundae! It was huge, with seven scoops of ice cream plus whipped cream, bananas, chocolate. So yummy, thanks Mark and Lilly!

Michael and Elizabeth
Mark, Lilly and Rebekah
PISMO BEACH was so much fun! We went with Jared and Janessa's families. It was great!

Rachel and Ashley

Jared, Josh and Rachel climbing on the rocks at Pismo Beach

Rebekah and Jade

Rebekah and Josh playing in the sand with Hailey

Elizabeth and Rachel playing in the waves - the weather was beautiful! It was about 65 degrees!

Elizabeth, Heather, Josh, Rachel and Rebekah on the pier at Pismo Beach - we had fun watching the surfers

This is sooooooo funny!

I was at the library last night with my kids. Rebekah needs to read two classic books for a report, and was searching on the computer. I was standing behind her, and she typed into the search box "Donkey Hote." I just about died laughing. She got mad at me, but I said she was one in a million. I was proved wrong...we saw Josh, and Rebekah asked him how to spell Don Quixote. He spelled it the same did Michael, Elizabeth and Rachel. I thought it was the funniest thing I had heard in a long time! I love you guys!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Snow Day, again!

We are now on day four of the "actic blast," as our news stations have dubbed it. This is the third day without school, and the natives are becoming restless! We are getting more snow today, tomorrow, and Sunday. I am pretty sure the kids will not be going back to school until after Christmas - I hope we make it through!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Snow Day!

We had about 4 inches of snow yesterday morning, and it has shut our city down! When we get snow everything turns into an ice rink. Church was cancelled, school was cancelled, and we have already been told that school is cancelled for tomorrow. My kids are in heaven!

Rebekah, Michael and Rachel running up the hill after sliding down
Josh and Elizabeth sliding together
Rachel fell while sliding down the hill

Michael shoveling snow for a fort
Elizabeth and Rebekah sliding